Tyrone Fan Club

Headquartered safely in the mountains of Western North Carolina, the Tyrone Fan Club nevertheless has brave, open and notorious local chapters in England, Spain, Italy, Australia, Pennsylvania,

New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, N.Y., Billings, MT, St. Augustine, Cocoa Beach, Sarasota and Port Charlotte, FL, Baltimore and Annapolis, MD, and Washington, DC.

Other chapters exist underground in several other locations but have asked for anonymity for some reason.

With the latest additions to TFC Member families here, there, and everywhere, new members are rapidly being brought into the fold, literally kicking and screaming, every bit of the way!

Who Is Tyrone?

Tyrone DeMonke is a famous and talented cymbal-banging mechanical monkey that has been entertaining people since the mid 1970's.

After making his name a household word via the Singing Telegram business, he ventured into the Restaurant and Piano Lounge industry where his popularity soon surpassed that of his back up accompanist.

To this day Tyrone travels the countryside, graciously allowing his accompanist to continue to serve his whims and perform mundane 'roadie' chores.

Most recently, Tyrone got his Evil Twin Louie a cameo appearance in a recent television ad for a popular sports drink. When Louie pays his 10% Tyrone will tell which drink.

Tyrone will thrill and amaze you with his vast repertoire which includes, but is not limited to, such classics as:

  • Abba Dabba Honeymoon/Yes! We Have No Bananas!

  • Goofus

  • Monkey Mambo No. 5

  • That's How They Do Calypso

  • Ghost Monkeys In the Sky


The Accompanist may stay a week or two, or stay the Summer through (ok, don't push it), but we are telling you:
The Monkey Stays!
(It's in the contract)

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