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Disclaimer: Some of the staff have voiced displeasure at being identified in such an open and notorious manner. Nevertheless, Management has decreed that we all hang together. Ouch!


Tyrone DeMonke otherwise known as 'the Real Talent', has deigned to aid Renaissance II Productions since the mid 1970's. Wielding his power mercilessly, this Superior Simian leveraged his contribution to the coffers into Partner Status. For more information, please see the Tyrone Fan Club

Blake C. Pace, otherwise known as 'the Accompanist'.
Surviving co-founder of BCPR2 and titular head of the organization.
The buck passes through here. Sometimes. Most other times it goes directly to the Head Writer.

Lynn Pace AKA 'The Head Writer'. The Multi-Talented, Multi-Voice, (Multi-Personality?) source of inspiration and motivation for the Accompanist. A 'recovering attorney' Lynn is a Mediator, Arbitrator, and Conciliator, specializing in Christian Conciliation and Counseling.

Russell Pace (May 22, 1915 - July 20, 1981), co-founder and first of the three generations of the Pace family that comprise BCPR2; Illustrator extraordinaire; former Chief of Graphics, Naval Sea Systems Command. Every edition is dedicated to Dad: tell all my friends I'm a-comin' there, too....


Russell Kaufman-Pace, AKA "Lens Lizard", Photographer
Quick on the trigger, a chip off the Old Blake: also does not appear in film or mirrors, as evidenced here. Nevertheless, he has a good eye (no, not the big black one in the picture's center) and takes some great shots! A graduate of Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana, (Photography and Graphics Design Major), Russell lives and works in Blowing Rock, NC.

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