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Sing! Linda, Sing!

Pit-Izen Steve to the Rescue!
Linda Russell, another one of our own, and a very dear friend to most of us, and one of the DC area's finest voices and performers, needed our help.
Her first transplant was a kidney and pancreas transplant 9 years ago. The pancreas is still working, but the transplanted kidney failed and she had to endure dialysis.
Since she already had one transplant her immune system is such that her odds of rejecting a cadaver kidney are much higher than from a living donor. She needed a donor who is blood type either B positive or O positive.

Enter Steve Willey, our HERO!!!

After jumping through all the paperwork and testing necessary hoops Linda and Steve had surgery October 27th and both are doing fine and even back at The Flaming Pit singing and carousing!

Hmm... now Linda and Martj Willey (Steve's wife) share even more than clothes and hats...
Sisters, Sisters, there were never such devoted sisters....

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